"To become a leader of providing the safest and most reliable inter-islands ferry and cargo service in the Kingdom through our people, supported by quality systems, commercial awareness and working in true partnership with our customers and stakeholders to provide a safe and efficient workplace environment that is both welcoming to customers and commercially successful for our shareholder and relevant stakeholder".       

Objectives for FISA       
The objectives, or two main requirements from Government for FISA, are based on their (Shareholders) directives, specifically;       
1. That FISA operate as a viable commericial operation       
2. That FISA pay sufficient compensation to allow for the replacement of a similar vessel in around 20 years' time (based on economic life of the vessel)       
Respect            Reliability
Performance     Honesty
Safety              Accountability
Innovation        Customer Focus
Our Strategic Goals       
1. Improve and Maintain Vessel & Infrastructure       
2. Improve Commerical Viability, Cash Flow & Profitability       
3. Improve Customer Experience        
4. Formalize long term planning and financing sources       
5. Maintain and nurture key relationships       
6. Add Ships Under Management to Portfolio       
7. Enhancing our people's and the organization's capacity




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